Thursday, January 6, 2011

Word For Today

Thanks to my new best friend Pintrest, I am continually stumbling across images that make me smile. Today, this one called out to me and brought me a little bit of hope.
At this stage in my life, everything can seem like a waiting game. Waiting for the next promotion. Waiting for the next adventure. Waiting for the next true love. Waiting for my dream job.
Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.
And all the while, life is just zooming by and I am left in the in between. Well...I'll be honest with you, I am sick of waiting. I'm ready to embrace the fact that God has called me to this exact spot in life: working at the church, learning about things I love doing, spending time with my best friend, preparing for Aunt-hood, growing in my knowledge of the Bible, learning how to love others, and lastly: coming into my own as a woman. I am a woman now, you know.
It's such a freeing realization to verbalize that I love my life. I am blessed beyond belief with family, friends, jobs, yad yada the list goes on. Although I don't necessarily have the deepest desires of my heart doesn't mean they will never happen. Someday I will be a mom. Someday I will be working in a more creative role. Someday I will love the heck out of that husband God gives me. Someday. So for this day, I choose contentment + joy. That deep joy that God promises to those who trust in him. I'm claiming it! I refuse to settle into the waiting period for one more minute. Life is just too short. And I was created to love this life.
just some thoughts.

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