Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Heel Condoms.

Ladies. I present to you, The Heel Condom. Hate the name, but love the idea. Just slip these little beauties on over your heels and wa-la...a brand new shoe for a fun night out. I love this idea!!! Makes me want to get crafty and do some myself :)

What A Man

at his home in Miami. quite the art collector.
staircase in Pharrell's Miami home.

lookin fresh.

an incredible piece of art + a view to match.

Pharrell is a man of style and taste + today I came across a few pics of his Miami estate. I've always loved the way he dresses, and it's fun to see that he has a home to match his classy taste.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I'm Still Here

Joaquin Phoenix. I still love him. Yep. And can't wait to see this!

a word for today.

Do you ever have one of those amazingly good cries. You know the type: heavy sobs, snotty nose drips, sluured speech, all of which leads to the ultimate low: the inability to catch your breath resulting in deep gasps for air?
Well, the other night I had an amazingly good cry.
I guess you could say that I've had a few down days lately. Blame it on feeling sick, that time of the month, finding myself, boy issues...blah blah blah. Whatever the cause- this cry came in like a flood, as fear crept in and sadness started to cover me like a snuggie. It was the kind of pain that makes you sick to your stomache. Yep, that kind. As I went to bed, I prayed for a long time + when no direct comfort or answers came I drifted off to sleep. Heavy sleep. The sleep where your head doesnt leave it's place on the pillow and you wake up feeling like you've emerged from a winter's long hibernation to a spring morning.
And when I woke up, I felt God gently lift my head off the pillow and say to me "Today is a new day"... and although the pain of the night before was still there, it had subsided a little. There is joy and peace in knowing that I won't have to live that day again. Life is moving and the pain I felt yesterday will decrease and someday seem like a distant memory.
I have hope, because God has given me today to get up + do life.
hope this is an encouragement.

new headboard for a new year.

paint a canvas in a bold solid? fun.
love the idea of blowing up an image. takes you to another place!

fabric mounted in a recycled frame. genious + fresh.

love this idea. especially with the dark walls. feels like magic!

really love the reclaimed wood. might be a winner?

Thinking about making a new headboard for my bed. right now I have a picture collage of vintage photos i've collected...but I'm really wanting something new. I've been putting off doing my room for a while now + these images are just the thing to jumpstart the creative process. I guess we'll just have to see how it goes. I will post pics of what comes out of this little diy endeavor soon.

going green-ish.

Up until this very new and recent point in my life, I have been sustainably clueless. If you asked me what words come to mind when I hear "green", I would've quickly stated something sassy like "liberal" or "dirty hippies". The thought of being environmentally conscious was one that I repelled from, because I equated it with a political group I don't always see eye to eye with.

Then conviction set in.

I have felt God putting it on my heart to be more open to learning about becoming a better steward. A better steward of the money I have, the earth He's created, my body and health...ect. I want to explore + learn more about being a better consumer. I know that to whom much is given, much is expected.

I've been given a lot + it's time to figure out how to live simpler+ consume smarter.

With that said: here are two of the books I've received so far...waiting on 3 more! I will have to share my journey with you...all 8 of my readers. (4 of which are family. ha)



Tuesday, December 21, 2010

art inspiration: {Richard Pearse}

Richard Pearse is an incredible artist + I want one of his art pieces like now. His use of color + salvaged wood are playful, interesting, and just plain enjoyable. I am a fan of Richard Pearse, I think you will be too. If only I had thought to ask for one of these for christmas :)

christmas gifts: the risk taker

Here are a few gift suggestions for that girl with mad style + the confidence to pull it off. Not for the faint of heart- each of these items scream fun times and fashionable adventures.

cheers to christmas shopping!


christmas gifts: the girlie girl

gifts for the girlie girl
We all know and love at least one girlie girl in our lives. So this Christmas, let's celebrate her right with charming gifts! I am dying over the rose-gold watch by Michael Kors!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

christmas gifts: The Gypsy Girl

christmas gifts: The Gypsy Girl

Here are a few selected gifts for that free spirit in your life. Particularly love the rings + gorgeous gown.


Company Christmas Party in Style.

Company Christmas Party in Style.

Here's my dream outfit for the company christmas party. Classy with an edge- this outfit makes me want to celebrate! It's not too much and it's certainly not too little. Cheers to a Merry Christmas with your co-workers!


time for shopping.


I have never been one of those girls that gets dressed up to go to the mall. This is a cozy little outfit I'm slipping on today while I do my Christmas shopping. It'scomfy-cozy with a dash of style. I love bundling up this time of year + finding gifts for the ones I love.

happy shopping!


Friday, December 17, 2010

Vintage Vogue

I can't sleep right I've been up looking for some inspiration images for merchandising + I came across these black and white Vogue photos. Just had to share because they're too lovely not to. They have a way of making you happy to be a woman, don't they ladies?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Kelli Murray : Dreamer from Sezio.

Tonight's the night, come out and see Kelli Murray's first ever solo art show called Dreamer. She's one talented little lady with a passion for design, art, and all things lovely. She's amazing, so come out and show some love. Habitat House 6-10.

art inspiration: {Wes Bruce}

an outside shot of the fort.
inside one of the rooms. isn't it magical?
one of wes bruce's many art pieces within the fort.
a long hallway you have to crawl through to explore.

a little video about the exhibit. so amazing!!!

An Installation By Wes Bruce from Bryan Bangerter.

A few months back, a friend of mine took me to one of the most awe-inspiring and magical art exhibits I've ever been to. Sezio artist,Wes Bruce, created the installation titled "Ms. Augustine Greane". The interactive art experience takes one back to childhood and through the recollections of lives once lived. The fort is built within the museum, and is made out of found and collected objects of days gone by. As you journey through the fort, you are forced to interact as a child would; crawling through small spaces, exploring on hands and knees through long hallways, and laying on a bed of sleeping bags in a pitch black room with only flashlights to illuminate the artwork and curious discoveries. There are thousands of letters to be read, photos to be seen, and memories to delve into; all while listening to the ethereal soundtrack created for the exhibit. It was an experience that I will never forget + I'd like to thank Mr. Bruce for taking me back to a time when life was simpler and a lot more free.

The show is up until December 31st, at the California Center for the Arts, so get there before it's too late! You won't regret it.

london fashion week: prophetik

EcoSalon Exclusives: LFW S/S 2011 Eco-Fashion Highlights from EcoSalon.

Check out the line I'm working for. Jeff starts talking around minute 1:43.

a love affair with antlers.

chevron stripes. love.

i am still loving antlers. i know they've been hip for quite some time now, but to me...they are timeless. they add character, whimsy, and an almost "finders keepers" feel to any room. i love the versatility+ their natural beauty, that seem to tie each room together by telling a story.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

my talented friend.

One Day On Earth- Potluck from Venti Hristova.

michaela is a great friend of mine + this is just one example of the many incredible things she does. they entered this into a contest- which required it's contestants to submit videos of a day in their lives. It makes me miss LA + my friend. Enjoy.

fashion stylist i love: {Emma Summerton}

Fashion stylist Emma Sutherton has a way with color, clothes, and all things creative. i love the shoots she's styled! From British Vogue to the New Yorker, Emma's whimsical fashion shoots make even the most reserved fashionista want to branch out in a free spirited color explosion! I love it + her+ these inspiring images.

art inspiration: {leslie oschmann}

I am in love. This is another great artist that I've come across recently. Leslie Oschmann. Leslie is an artist from Amsterdam. She was the former Visual Director for Anthropologie for 8 years + is now working as a full time fine artist. She gives new life to old paintings that she finds at flea markets + shops. They are so charming! Gives me a new perspective on finding old paintings and making them my own. These images are a few of my favorites, but you can check out more of her work here.

prophetik mini-documentary.

Prophetik from Joshua Stutzman.

So here's the reason I haven't been blogging for a few days. I spent the last four days working for Jeff Garner, designer of the line Prophetik, in LA. It was overall a great weekend + I met a ton of amazing people. So excited to be a part of this mission. Here's the video about himself and the line. He's an incredible visionary with a passion to change the way fashion is designed + made. His clothes are beautiful + inspiring because Jeff is a true artist, and all of his designs come from a place of originality. Inspired by his dreams, the country side of Tenessee, and the old world London towne; Jeff's designs take you back to the day when romance was alive and well, while still holding their own in today's society. I love it + hope you do too.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

art inspiration: {Ron van der Ende}

my favorite: the diamond.
love the colors and perspective on this boat!
crazy perspective.
hot air balloon.
i would love to buy this one for my sister's nautical home.
recently i've stumbled across an incredible artist: Ron van der Ende. Ron is a sculptor who lives in the Netherlands + he specializes in these bas-reliefs made of all found wood. He uses this found material to compose each of his scultures without altering or painting any of the wood. "I collect old doors and stuff. Old painted wood that I find in the street. I take it apart and skin it to obtain a 3mm thick veneer with the old paint layers still intact. I construct bas-reliefs that I cover with these veneers much like a constructed mosaic. I do not paint them" To see more of his artwork, check out it out here. Inspired.