Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Livia Firth Wears Prophetik To Golden Globes!

Colin + Livia Firth (wearing Prophetik) on the red carpet!
Jeff fitting Livia before the Golden Globes!
Jeff with Colin + Livia Firth
Jeff + an Indigo bath used for dying fabrics.

Last weekend Livia Firth wore one of Jeff's gowns to the Golden Globes! Jeff is the designer of Prophetik, the organic and sustainable line I have been working for, doing sales + merchandising. This particular gown is made of a silk fabric called Tussah silk (aka Peace Silk) and dyed in an all natural indigo. The dye bath is shown in the bottom photo... Jeff actually grows his own Indigo plan...pretty incredible.

Livia is a gorgeous woman and you can follow her blog, The Green Carpet Challenge, on I must say, I am pretty excited about where Jeff's next collection is going to take all of us. I feel honored to work for such a talented designer and be a part of the team.


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