Tuesday, January 25, 2011


maxi skirt + sandals kinda day
shoes made for walking.
3rd street lights.

I had a meeting for the fashion designer I work for up in Malibu today, so I gladly took the drive up the beautiful coast. Now, I am not one to talk about the weather, but it was such a gorgeous day today! I can't imagine living anywhere where it's not possible to have a warm day in January. I just love it too much. I met up with my boss and we sat outside in the sun + talked for a few hours...I just remember being in Chicago a few years ago around this time + wanting to cry because my face felt like it was going to fall off from frostbite. Not here. No way.

To kill some time during traffic I put on my favorite walking shoes + strolled around Santa Monica. Sometimes I love being forced to spend hours alone. It reminds me of my time in Cambodia, where it felt like I spent months walking around or riding on the back of a moto bike in silence, just taking in the beauty the city and her people had to offer.

I love LA. It will always remain special to me, and it makes me miss it every time I venture up into the area. I must be an introvert, because this loner day has me in a splendid mood. I had a good day. Hope you did too.


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