Saturday, March 26, 2011

video lovin

Rue Mag - Darko Weirdo Dinner Party from Son of Shark Pig

Must learn how to make a video like this.

art inspiration: {Paul Villinski}

Paul Villinski is an American artist who makes butterflies and birds out of beer cans, records, and other recycled materials. See more of his work here.


Friday, March 25, 2011

W O W: Something Else

I knew I loved this line, Something Else, whilst shopping in Topshop. From the Australian designer Natalie Wood of Insight, comes this glorious collection. She collaborates with artists to create beautiful prints and fabrics. Can't wait to order a few pieces.


Elk In The Woods

Another amazing little spot Megs and I stumbled upon while walking through London: Elk In The Woods. We happened upon it while walking through Angel, a college town of sorts in the city. Tons of cute little restaurants and shops...this was one tucked away in an alley. The wood with the concrete bar are particularly lovely. And how cool is the name?
Hope you enjoy.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

best store ever. W O L F + B A D G E R

the amazing owners.

Back from my trip to France + London. Fell in love with the shopping + street style in London and am more inspired than ever!

We stumbled across this little shop in Notting Hill while exploring. Fell in love. The logo and store name alone are incredible! It was stocked full of amazing fashion and jewelry designers. The layout and design of the store itself made me giddy. So funky + fresh. Check them out online too for some British goodies. I especially fell in love with all of their eclectic jewelry designers.


design inspiration: T E R E S E . M O S E R

I am in love with the living room!
The wood floors in the kitchen are hand painted!

Love the way she accessorizes.

Check out this end table!!

Terese Moser is an interior designer for Designed Interiors. She is also my mother and one of the most talented people I've ever met. These are some images from her latest project. I love all the details!! Especially in the living room! She's very gifted in the details- accessorizes homes with such ease. Love her + so proud of her. If you need an interior designer, you can't go wrong with my mom.


Monday, March 7, 2011

until we meet again...

And I'm off to France for the next two weeks.
Two words:
Au Revoir.



the finished product. so crazy how fast 2 hours goes!
the wave from the back.

feeling overwhelmed :) but glad i got jess.
tobias' sign.
doing a great job at looking relaxed in the midst of major anxiety.

my fans + friends :) love them.

These are just a few pics from the Art of War event we had this past weekend at Catalyst West Coast! Such a great event + honored to take part in it! Also...we won!!! So exciting for team MOBIAS.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011


i have a crush on wes bruce. and i don't care who knows it.
can't wait to see this.

my F O T O

visit from the most stylish baby boy i know.
feathers in my hair.
sneak peek of what we're doing for the art of war tomorrow.

bringin the pretty.

colors i love.

love this. want it.
wanna make...badly!
beth jones. my idol.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011