Wednesday, December 29, 2010

going green-ish.

Up until this very new and recent point in my life, I have been sustainably clueless. If you asked me what words come to mind when I hear "green", I would've quickly stated something sassy like "liberal" or "dirty hippies". The thought of being environmentally conscious was one that I repelled from, because I equated it with a political group I don't always see eye to eye with.

Then conviction set in.

I have felt God putting it on my heart to be more open to learning about becoming a better steward. A better steward of the money I have, the earth He's created, my body and health...ect. I want to explore + learn more about being a better consumer. I know that to whom much is given, much is expected.

I've been given a lot + it's time to figure out how to live simpler+ consume smarter.

With that said: here are two of the books I've received so far...waiting on 3 more! I will have to share my journey with you...all 8 of my readers. (4 of which are family. ha)



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