Wednesday, December 8, 2010

art inspiration: {Ron van der Ende}

my favorite: the diamond.
love the colors and perspective on this boat!
crazy perspective.
hot air balloon.
i would love to buy this one for my sister's nautical home.
recently i've stumbled across an incredible artist: Ron van der Ende. Ron is a sculptor who lives in the Netherlands + he specializes in these bas-reliefs made of all found wood. He uses this found material to compose each of his scultures without altering or painting any of the wood. "I collect old doors and stuff. Old painted wood that I find in the street. I take it apart and skin it to obtain a 3mm thick veneer with the old paint layers still intact. I construct bas-reliefs that I cover with these veneers much like a constructed mosaic. I do not paint them" To see more of his artwork, check out it out here. Inspired.

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