Sunday, November 21, 2010

fashion {Prophetik}

So I've recently started working for Jeff Garner, designer of the sustainable fashion line Prophetik. I am so excited to be working for a line that is not only beautiful, but ethically responsible. Jeff has a passion for creating garments that bring men and women back to romance in a time where everything has been sexualized. He is paving the way for ethical fashion; called by God to introduce the fashion world to a whole new way of thinking and creating. All of his dyes and fabrics are organic, created from plant and earth based dyes, all created by Jeff in his local town of Franklin, Tennessee.

I will be sharing more about this journey, but for now, check out this mini-documentary about Jeff and his mission at Lani Inc.. I hope you'll be inspired by his artistic talent and passion for being a good steward of the environment.


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