Monday, April 18, 2011

Living Past 55.

I've always been one who wouldn't mind dying young. In fact, getting old scares me more than anything. 55 always seemed like a nice age to go...I mean, at that point I will have travelled a ton, married some hot man who is starting to grey, might even have a few children. Seems about good time to move on.

Then Michaela showed me this video.

I can't seem to watch it enough. These women are so adorable, and I don't mean that in some patronizing manner. Each of them inspire me. They have a passion for fashion and self expression, and the confidence to wear whatever they want. Embracing the beauty that can only come from knowing ones self after many, many years of a life- they are unafraid to play. Life isn't over for them, there's more freedom in it than ever before. Must feel nice to just let go of the struggle to be seen as "sexy" or "desirable"...

This whole thing just makes me happy, but I think the part that makes me smile the most is who sent it to me. Michaela is one of my best friends. We've always tried to live together and it hasn't worked out..but there's this unspoken arrangement we've made and that is this: we'll be roommates in the rest home some day. Wearing depends, laughing at all the other old people, and bickering over who's music gets played. I can't wait.

So now, I'd like you to meet the women that have now given me a desire to live past my fifties. And here's to Michaela and I finally becoming roommates in our nursing home...


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